Why You Should Get a Pet Stroller for Your Dog

Mom using a pet stroller for her small dogA dog stroller is pretty much what it sounds like. The word stroller will usually refer to a baby or child stroller. This is a chair with straps on wheels that we can place our kids into, in order to push them along and let them see the sights/allow ourselves to get out of the house before they are old enough to work.

Strollers are crucial for babies to get vitamin D and for Mums and Dads to avoid going mad.

But dog strollers? Really?

Does a dog really need to be pushed around like a baby? Isn’t this the dog equivalent of becoming a ‘crazy cat lady’?

Well actually, there are plenty of good reasons to get a pet stroller for your dog. Here we will look at why you should consider looking into one…

Not All Dogs Like Walking

We generally assume that dogs are going to be in great health and are going to be just fine running around and being active.

But the reality is that not all dogs love to get outside and there are various reasons why your dog can end up house bound. These themselves are reasons to get a pet stroller…

For example:

Elderly Dogs

As dogs get older, they often develop conditions such as arthritis and others. This can make it hard for them to walk and to put weight on their joints. In these scenarios, you still want your pup to be able to go outside and for that reason, it’s a good idea to get them something to ride around in.

Big Dogs

This is particularly common for bigger dogs too, seeing as they have more weight to place on their joints. Make sure that you get the best stroller for the size of your dog. In this case, you would want to look for the best dog stroller for large dogs.

Overweight Dogs

This is also useful for overweight dogs. If your dog has put on extra pounds, then you might find that they struggle to go for runs because of the amount of pressure on their joints. In these scenarios, it is therefore useful to get a stroller that they can be tucked into. This way, you can push them around if they start to get tired. Of course the idea is to get them outside to help them burn off that extra weight! But this won’t happen right away and in the meantime, you need a way to get home when things get a bit much…

Small Dogs

Small dogs can also sometimes benefit from pet strollers. That’s because small dogs can get easily tired out and distressed. It’s easy for them to get stepped on or kicked and if they hear loud traffic, they often jump out of their skin! You can keep a small dog in a pet stroller and they will usually sit happily and this is a great way to cross busy areas on your way to the park etc.

More Reasons to Get Dog Strollers

Those aren’t the only reasons to get dog strollers though! Dog strollers can also be very useful for big events with lots of dogs. In these cases, it is highly useful to have somewhere to store your dog when things get a little out of hand. For those that work with dogs, or that walk multiple dogs, having a dog stroller can be very useful for crisis aversion and is generally a good way to reduce stress!

And speaking of which, a stroller also gives you the option to walk dogs in areas where it might be a little dangerous for them. Look for a stroller with a sealable top and that way, you can simply close them in to cross a busy road for instance and then let them out when you get to the other side.

Storage is another advantage of having a dog stroller. Most come with lots of compartments and allow you to easily carry such things as leads, toys and snacks to make for a better walk for you and your dog. You can also keep things of your own here.

And actually, there are many ways that a dog stroller makes life easier for you as well, dog or no. For example, those who maybe struggle to get around themselves can lean on the stroller if they get tired. Likewise, if you simply find walking the dog to be a somewhat stressful experience, then this will keep everything together and make the whole thing calmer and more organized.

So yeah, a dog stroller might risk looking a little Paris Hilton. But ultimately, most people would probably agree that that doesn’t really matter if it means they get to have a nicer and more enjoyable time out with their pup!