7 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet

bedroom closet

If you have a messy closet and want to organize it so you can actually find everything you need without having to rummage through a pile of miscellaneous items, there are plenty of different ways to do so.

  • 1. Make good use of empty wall or door space

    One of the best ways to go about organizing your bedroom closet is to make use of any empty space on the walls or inside the door—they offer a great place for hooks, dowels, and towel bars, which can be excellent organizers. If you have no place to put all of your ties, for example, why not hang them right on the wall with some hooks?

  • 2. Add new Lighting

    You might be surprised at what a big difference adding some lighting in your closet can make when it comes to finding everything you need. If your closet is always too dark and you have problems finding what you need, try adding some screw-in or stick-on battery-operated LED lights. You can purchase these kinds of lights in most hardware stores and they are usually cheap. Another option is hiring an electrician to install some shelf lighting, but that won’t be cheap at all.

  • 3. Put similar items together

    Another great way to go about organizing your closet so everything is more accessible is to group similar items together, such as shoes, ties, and everything else you want to store. By doing this you will almost certainly be able to find what you need faster and more easily. Scattering things everywhere won’t help you at all, so try doing this for a more organized feel.

  • 4. Invest in good-quality hangers

    A set of good-quality matching hangers can really make all the difference in the world when it comes to organizing your closet. When all of your hangers are completely uniform, you will be able to keep every single article of clothing at the exact same level. Throw out any of those cheap old metal wire hangers and replace them with plastic or wooden ones for a better, more organized look. Whichever hangers you decide on, make certain that they are durable and will last a while.

  • 5. Install shelves at the very top of the closet

    Most people don’t utilize the space at the very top of their closet, but it can be a great place for shelves that you can put things on, whether it is shoes or something else entirely. If you do not want to install a rolling later, you can always opt for a nice stool. Stools can be found easily, both in stores and online, and most of them are relatively inexpensive. If you aren’t very tall, a good solid stool can be a great thing to have in a closet with shelves that are high up.

  • 6. Take Stock of Everything in your Closet

    The first step that you will have to follow when organizing your closet is to take stock of everything in it. Chances are there are quite a few things hanging in your closet that you can toss out. While doing this may not be easy, it is most likely necessary if you want to free up more room for the things you actually wear and use on a regular basis. Take the time to go through your closet and decide which things can stay and which can go. If there are clothes you haven’t worn in six months or more, it is most likely safe to say that you probably won’t wear them ever again.

  • 7. Install a shoe rack

    Those who own a lot of shoes will find that installing a shoe rack along one wall, or having a professional install one, can be a great way to free up space and keep all of the shoes in the closet in one place. If you always struggle to find a matching pair of shoes in your closet, you will definitely want to take this advice into consideration. A shoe rack can be a wonderful thing for those with limited closed space, but you will need to determine how much room you have in your closet for one of these shelves before installing one.

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