Top 10 Lesser Known Kitchen Appliances to Have

kitchen appliance

There are lots of useful kitchen appliances and even some of the lesser known ones can be extremely useful and convenient. If you want to reduce the amount of time you spending preparing food in the kitchen each day, you will definitely want to take a close look at these appliances and everything they have to offer.

  • 1. Food Dehydrator

    Food dehydrators are a great appliance to invest in, especially if you enjoy going camping or backpacking. There are lots of different food that you can dehydrate with one of these appliances, including domestic beef cuts, wild game, lean ground beaf, and so much more.

  • 2. Food Processor

    A food processor is a great little appliance to get if you would rather avoid chopping up vegetables and save some time. These devices are also great for pureeing soups and making fresh salsas, pesto, and more.

  • 3. French Press

    French presses are essential for those who love to drink coffee, as they use a simple brew method and the aroma they create is absolutely spectacular. You might just be surprised at how much you have been missing out on when you get one of these appliances.

  • 4. Potato Masher

    A potato masher can provide you with a much easier way to mash up potatoes so they aren’t all chunky when you serve them to your family or guests. Anyone who has tried to make mashed potatoes with a fork will agree that a potato masher is a good investment to make.

  • 5. Immersion Blender

    An immersion blender is yet another great appliance that you will want to look into getting. Just put the blender into a pot full of soup ingredients and start pureeing until you have the perfect soup. There are all of different immersion blenders that you can buy, as they offer incredible convenience when it comes to making soup.

  • 6. Wok

    A wok is an absolutely essential kitchen appliance for those who love good stir-fry food. Woks have high sides so you can stir the food and flip it without having to worry about it getting all over the stovetop or floor. A good wok is definitely something that every stir-fry lover should own.

  • 7. Meat thermometer

    A meat thermometer is another important kitchen appliance for those who want to know when their meat is still underdone and needs a little bit more time in the stove. Eating undercooked meat can actually be quite dangerous, which is why a meat thermometer (preferably digital) is a good investment to make.

  • 8. Food Scale

    A food scale can really come in handy in the kitchen when you are measuring meal portions or baking something that you want to get just right. These scales can be purchased for anywhere from $25-$50.

  • 9. Paring Knife

    A paring knife is a chef’s best friend, and it used for peeling fruits and vegetables as well as slicing smaller foods like garlic cloves. You will be able to hold one of these knives up in the air and peel an orange or apple so a cutting board isn’t necessarily at all.

  • 10. Roasting Pan

    If you love roasted meat, you will definitely need to look into getting yourself a roasting pan. These pans can produce some very juicy, flavorful meat that tastes absolutely delicious. Because these pans are generally so large, you will be able to use one to prepare a lot of food with little prep time.

    If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to spend too much time on preparations when you are cooking, this pan is a must buy for sure.

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